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Do ɴoт вe ғooled вy мy cнιldιѕн ѕтαтυre. I αм α ѕтorм, I wιll deѕтroy yoυr нoмe, вυrɴ yoυr lαɴdѕ αɴd вleed oυт αll нope вeғore I drowɴed yoυ αɴd rιp yoυ ιɴтo αɴ υɴrecoɢɴιzαвle мeѕѕ. ̲I̲ ̲α̲м̲ ̲т̲н̲e̲ ̲м̲α̲ѕ̲т̲e̲r
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I think Junko got too excited with that flamethrower

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The book said how to summon the birds, but it didn’t say anything about how to make them leave.

Witch and cat designed by my loverly Shavostars!

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I have an endless list of theories about the Sky Knights, to name a few:

  • One my favourites is that Carver suffered a head trauma during the previous Cyclonian invasion that messed up his vision and mental stability. The only mind control he’s dealt with is his own messed up thought process.
  • All the Sky Knights that fought with Lightning Strike are in their late thirties-mid forties with Harrier being the one of the oldest and Carver being one of the youngest.
  • Starling took up the role of Sky Knight after the previous leader of the Interceptors perished in the invasion. She was about 13 at the time, explaining why the Storm Hawks were so taken with her. She did not officially get registered until she turned 18 though.
  • The terras didn’t get along before the Storm Hawks, as supplies were limited and they saw the need to protect their own. Lightning Strike prevented the ‘civil war’, but the terras still did not see eye to eye.
  • The Sky Knights were known as the Resistance in the early stages of the war when they drove off the oppressing Cyclonia to the far reaches of the Atmos. In the years that followed, Cyclonia has being trying to claim back their land.
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Hermione’s last minute study crunch before exams!

okay I’m gonna reblog this again because last time I didn’t say what I thought about this picture

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. This makes the universe of Harry Potter so much more magical than I ever dreamed it to be. In the movies and books it’s like an average library with magic books, but this picture shows a Hogwarts alive and brimming with magic. The shelves are impossibly tall because you can enchant stuff to help you reach, so why SHOULDN’T the shelves be huge? I love the girls walking on books like stairs, the cat who got caught on a flying book, Hermione sitting on a book like a chair, everyone’s casual confidence in their unbelievable magic because it’s natural to them. It’s part of their everyday lives. I love the Harry Potter world so much that it hurts, and this picture is gorgeous and makes me relive the magic I have loved since I was little.

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