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Do ɴoт вe ғooled вy мy cнιldιѕн ѕтαтυre. I αм α ѕтorм, I wιll deѕтroy yoυr нoмe, вυrɴ yoυr lαɴdѕ αɴd вleed oυт αll нope вeғore I drowɴed yoυ αɴd rιp yoυ ιɴтo αɴ υɴrecoɢɴιzαвle мeѕѕ. ̲I̲ ̲α̲м̲ ̲т̲н̲e̲ ̲м̲α̲ѕ̲т̲e̲r
(Indie rp blog for Master Cyclonis from Storm Hawks)


That gatekeeper beast is gorgeous. 
And how badass is it, that Master Cyclonis can subdue it like that!
The Dark Ace on the other hand…

Credit where credit is due, that was kinda badass on Ace’s part. I mean, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’d shit myself on the spot, not leap at it like a avenging dark angel of hotness.

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Master Cyclonis displays more self restraint and maturity than a woman older than her by at least 10 years. Nerd Corps was really going for the message “Don’t underestimate kids, because they can kick your butt and rule a whole empire”

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Some of my favorite body paint themes by MadeYewLook.

Pumpkin King. Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Evil Ring Master. Ursula. Weeping Angel. The Walking Dead Valentine. Cheshire Cat. Jack Frost.

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I love her tutorials!

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Anybody remember this dweeb?

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Anonymous asked—
What's your real name?


                                ❝ M a s t e r  C y c l o n i s

❝         I’m sorry, were you expecting something like a child’s name? A name that would say
                                                                       I was                                                             
                                                                 ‘n o r m a l ’  ?

❝         Cyclonis is a storms c a r r e d  onto Atmos and shaped it to what it is today,
                                                          I will be known as such.

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"What are you doing?” Well, she knew knew, are least partially, what the elder women was doing, but surely she didn’t believe in all that supernatural nonsense.


Who, me?" Michelle asked, looking down from her perch. 
       Ah- a young lady. With an impressive looking cape. And some rather more impressive eyeliner. She hoped it was eyeliner. It might be exhaustion. 

Well, you see…. I saw this ladder standing in the middle of a field, and golly gee, the last time I heard about a ladder like that, it belonged to a man who polished stars, and I kind of wanted to meet this mythical man, because, who doesn’t want to meet a man who polishes the stars and revitalizes constellations. I mean, no one’s seen him in eons, and well I figured going up the ladder might lead me to him. Well about four-hundred and thirty two rungs up, I sneezed, and somehow ended up here." She explained, a little breathless with excitement as she spoke rapidly,  gesturing to the bookcase she was currently sitting on. 

That’s all fine and dandy though, as I saw this rather amazing looking tome on this shelf beneath my rear, and so I decided to take a break to read. And then I decided to test out one of the spells."   She now gestured to the series of scratches and chalk marks on the wall next to her head.

"I’m not sure what it is, as the language is a little strange to me, but I think the general gist is some sort of locator spell. That, or it’ll turn everyone with red hair in the room into a ferret for about twenty minutes."


                                C o n c e r n i n g

        ❝         Who are you and what asylum did you esca-

There was something on her boot, light but noticeable, her pause came from a scent that assaulted her nose. She knew what she was going to find when she looked down. Perhaps knowing is what sent chills down her spine and her courage to wane.

                                         ❝       I’m leaving now.

A sharp click of her heels and a flair of her cloak like wings, throwing the poor mammalian across the floor, but smile stopped her at the threshold.

      Do join me for a drink. Surely you must be  f a m i s h e d  after such an adventure.❞

Perhaps they were right,

                                                         The empress was an
                                                w i t c h
And she had caught a whiff of magic

or perhaps, she was merely curious,
                 h u n g r y  even.

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Casually picks at her nails as she sits on a bench watching the space port. Lots of curious people come and go, the 14 year old just has a tendency to watch in order to make the time pass by, sketchbook in her lap and the page with various unfinished doodles. 

There are a lot of faces that catch her eye, sometimes she has a tendency to stare too long. 


                         You know, it’s rude to stare.

Voice sounded, mature and yet new, practically right in her ear for indeed the owner of said voice was leaning over her, eying the pages with unimpressed scrutiny.

                                              ❝         did your  p a r e n t s  not teach you

                                                                         better manners? 

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I don’t even know why this picture makes me laugh so much. 

Maybe because it looks a lot like this?

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// So I’m finally back home with a computer and a tablet and money in my pocket but I won’t be active till tomorrow as I might have an astrology club (it’s looking pretty poor out though) and things to put away and chores to do. I do apologize for my spotty appearances and huge lack of responses over the past week.

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